How much will my cabinets cost?
Cabinets vary dramatically in price just like cars or houses. Entry-level cabinets are less expensive than cabinets with special finishes and upgraded storage features. American Custom Cabinets provides cabinetry that fits most any budget—from basic to bold.

How long will it take to get the cabinets I order?

Order time varies depending on the manufacturer and the complexity of the job. The minimum time is roughly three weeks and can be as much as eight weeks during peak times of the year.

Can you design my kitchen from a sketch of the room that I provide?

We can certainly start with a sketch you provide. Your forethought in doing some homework can shorten the time needed to design the final layout. However, we will always do our own measurements to verify that the design will actually work.
What is the best type of countertop for the kitchen? For bathrooms? For the laundry room?
There are many possible countertop choices. As with cabinets, your budget needs to be matched with your desire for flexibility of design and product longevity. Laminate, solid surface, quartz-enhanced and granite are all good choices.
Can you match my existing cabinets or furniture?

All woods and stains change color over time—some more so than others. In many cases, American Custom Cabinets can find cabinetry that may be compatible with your existing cabinets or furniture.

What construction features should I look for when choosing cabinets?

Certain construction features are a sign of quality cabinets. A savvy consumer will look for things such as finished backs in all cabinets, drawer guides that also support the drawer bottom, conversion varnish (not lacquer) finishes, multi-way adjustable hinges, adjustable shelves, and a wide range of heights and depths. Newer convenience features include “soft-close” hinges and drawers, multi-function drawer systems, and optional task lighting.
What are the most popular types of cabinets?
While popular cabinet styles and trends vary from year to year, traditional raised-panel oak styling is always a favorite due to affordability and durability. A current trend is a “stand-alone” furniture look that allows for highly customized design features using cabinetry from major manufacturers.Besides oak, certain wood species tend to be favored by today’s consumers. Maple is frequently used in remodeling because of its clean look and its ability to blend in with most existing finishes. Cherry has become increasingly popular as manufacturers have developed a variety of finishes allowing it to work in more applications.
Do you charge a design fee, measure fee or other fees in addition to the contract price for cabinets and installation?
We do not charge a measure fee or a design fee for a first design or estimate. In some cases, where multiple design revisions are requested, a design retainer may be requested. That retainer is then credited in full to the final cost of the job.