Quality Craftsmanship

The quality of our product beings with the raw material

Imported wood from overseas are usually lower grade.  The chemicals used are unregulated which may contain lead and other harmful substances in the paint, stains and sealers .  The shipment goes through approximately 30 days in the open seas.  During this time, moisture is absorbed through the wood.

American Custom Cabinets only utilize quality grade wood from local suppliers.  Strict California regulation ensures that raw materials utilized in our cabinets are safe for the public.  We take pride in our product  selection to provide a high standard that you and your family can trust.

Quality continues in production

Technology allows us to excel in our industry.  Automated computer control routers cut the wood to exact precision.  Experienced craftsmen assemble the cabinets with meticulous attention to detail.

The cabinets are framed using dado joints.  Data joints utilizes rectangular groove cuts to interlock adjacent boards.  This method creates a rigid structure which is much stronger than other fabrication methods from other manufacturers.

To ensure the cabinets remain square, we install side to side runners fro added stability.  Decorative flush end panels provide a furniture look cabinet where sides will be exposed.  Each cabinet goes through our Q8 quality control process.  The end result is a beautiful cabinet that is ready to be installed in your home.

cutting panels